CBD And Yoga

November 25, 2019


While the older generation of yogi had the luxury of practicing the age-old way of life to cultivate a clear state of mind known as “sattva,” the modern world is a bit more desperate.

Plagued with the accelerating pace of modern life, enhanced with the beautiful technology and the search for even greater efficiency, more is being accomplished with the mind than with the body, and the result: madness.

Many people can barely handle the weight of living today, with mental issues on the perpetual rise as competition for places adds to an already full plate. To survive, people eventually turn to practices like yoga, wishing for a day they can obtain sattva, but hoping they can just get enough calmness to weather their daily storms.

Conversely, the dangers of taking cannabis, and the laws that bind its use as a result, are very well-documented. However, amidst the loosening grip on the use of the cannabidiol (CBD) part of cannabis, with the recently discovered numerous benefits this compound has (including miraculous effects ranging from relief from aches and pains, through sedatives for epilepsy, to probable cures to terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s and management for extreme cases like cancer), there’s a predictably loud call and question for its integration to yoga sessions. The idea is to even get greater levels of mental clarity through both CBD and yoga.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first-time humans have thought this way. Ganja yoga, it has been called by some, ganja asana or ganjasana others have named it – whether it is being laughed off or scoffed at, there is no denying the insuppressible curiosity of the possibility of exploiting a blend of both cannabis and yoga and the massive rewards.

Ayurveda, the Indian medical science that has lasted five millennia, has served as a good foundation for modern science to become what it is today in many ways, and sheds some useful light on cannabis in general.

Ayurvedic texts list out the advantages of incorporating the use of cannabis in the yoga movements and breathing called asanas. Among the advantages, clarity of mind, awakening of the senses and connection with the divine are spelt out, but on the other hand of the scale is the poisonous possibility of losing oneself to addiction and overreliance on cannabis. But how about a deeper look, through the ever-reliable lenses of science?

The scientific evaluation of cannabis has been in demand for close to a decade now, and many interesting facts have been discovered in the process. The biggest problem that stands against those optimistic for a union of the use of cannabis and yoga is the overwhelming effect of marijuana, especially since forms without the misbehavior catalyst – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – were not in existence until just recently.

Since safe forms of cannabis that still bring a soothing effect, like CBD oils, are available, there’s less fear in the use of cannabis for yoga practice. These oils have been tested, and contrary to the expectation that people may end up sleeping, many have found that there is no longer need for any pre-practice rituals before meditation. The mind was cleared like never before, while the senses were heightened, and breathing and all movements became more fluid and vivid.

The beauty of CBD is its non-addictive nature, contrary to the doubts of many. With self-discipline and calculated moderation, CBD and yoga can make a healthy and relaxing combination for those who care to indulge.


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