7 Ways to Introduce Gratitude in Your Life

7 Ways to Introduce Gratitude in Your Life

December 03, 2020


With Thanksgiving having passed, many things will be remembered; all the food you ate, the laughs you shared with your family, and perhaps some new traditions or gratitude because of Covid. If we can learn one thing, it’s the fact we should be applying gratitude more often into our everyday lives. Here are some ways to do so.


1. Express gratitude towards others

Call or text a friend and express the importance they have in your life. Write a letter or tell your loved ones at home the appreciation you have for them. Most of us don’t get to hear how much we mean to each other.

2. Return the favor

If someone is always doing something for you, return the favor. It’ll show them that what they do for you is seen and appreciated. Cook that meal for your significant other, get the coffee for your coworkers, or help out tackling a friend’s project

3. Journal

Write down the things you appreciated or enjoyed during the day. Instead of focusing on the negative by the end of the week you’ll have a few pages of positive events

4. Appreciating the highs and lows

Although hard, if we appreciate and absorb the lessons from our shortcomings, when it’s over you’ll have a sense of relief or accomplishment. At times we may not feel that way but it’s important to at least learn something from the situation. When everything goes just right and lines up for you, thank yourself for the work you’ve put in and everything that led you to that point. No high is worth savoring if you haven’t felt defeat.

5. Take time to reflect.

We’re all going too fast that the details get blurred out. Take time in your day to be still. Maybe during meditation or during lunch break think of the people you interacted with, the scenery, the things you have. Acknowledge how others may not be so fortunate

6. Spending quality time

Take time during the week to spend quality time with loved ones, without any distractions. Perhaps plan something to do together over the weekend or sit down for dinner without phones.

7. Change your environment

Be aware of the things that make you feel negative. A lot is out of our control, but we can control how things affect us. Occasions don’t always go as planned, but if we start to see the positive it will change our experiences. Surround yourself with positivity and it will make its way back to you.


Gratitude shouldn’t just be reserved for Thanksgiving; we should practice it as often as we can. Nothing in our lives will last forever. Some relationships will fade, the clothes we have will go out of style and the things that we value will change over time. Life flows and changes and if we can accept and appreciate the fragile nature of life, we can learn to be more grateful and happy on the journey it takes us on. We can’t cling on to the past, and we shouldn’t obsess for better outcomes in the future. Focusing on the present helps us see what we truly have and how beautiful life can be..

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