CBD for Acne Treatment

CBD for Acne Treatment

March 02, 2020

Natural remedies have been used for millennia for skin treatment and the maintenance of healthy and flawless skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one soil to oil, natural option that is growing in acceptance for skin treatment. CBD has been discovered to relieve pain and inflammation, but it also holds great promise for skin softening and acne treatment.


Acne is a skin condition that is caused when accumulated excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt clog the pores. Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria, builds up in the pores causing painful, reddish swellings. Therfore, in order to treat acne, the skin must be kept clean and free from this bacteria, and pore-clogging oils must be dealt with.

The power of CBD for acne treatment lies in its ability to inhibit the processes that cause acne, like accumulation of oils. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation weighed the impact of CBD on lab samples of human skin and oil-secreting glands. The results showed that CBD inhibits oil secretion and that its proven anti-inflammatory effects prevent swellings on the skin. Consequently, CBD oil proves to be a highly favorable treatment for acne.

Both facial and body acne are caused by similar processes, and so CBD is believed to be effective for both conditions. Several skincare product makers are now incorporating CBD into creams, soaps and body scrubs. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the compound are beneficial to those suffering from facial or body acne.


The disturbance caused to the skin by swollen acne pimples and skin picking can leave scars after the acne goes away.

In another study that was published in the La Clinica Terapeutica journal, 20 test subjects with skin scars were observed. They applied CBD-enhanced ointment to the scars twice a day for a period of 3 months, after which the results showed that the hydration and elasticity of those areas of the skin were greatly improved. This goes to show that CBD can be helpful even in making acne scars less visible.


CBD has been proven to be generally safe, with minimal to no side effects for most users. More so, the mild side effects reported by few people, like fatigue, loss of appetite and diarrhea, were reported majorly by those who consume it internally, and not by those who apply CBD externally. Nonetheless, no medication will go down well with every single user.

If you notice symptoms like itching, swelling or peeling of the skin after applying CBD-enriched skin products, wash off the area affected with water and soap. Applying cold compresses to soothe the irritated skin will also be helpful. If you perceive that you’re having an allergic reaction to CBD, suspend usage immediately.

Also note that as the awareness of the benefits of CBD oil grows, several manufacturers are keen to put their products on the frontlines of the demand. Regrettably, however, studies have shown that not all products marketed under the CBD label contain as much CBD as the producers advertise. The majority of CBD for acne treatment come in oil form, and so you must be sure to thoroughly read the labels for proper details and buy only from verified and reliably tested companies. Shaanti CBD oils are natural, pure, tested and proven to uphold the soil to oil philosophy.


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